Larry Parr named Civic Recognition Award winner

Sarasota awardee recognized for acts of compassion and kindness

By Award Committee

Larry Parr was named a recipient of the Civic Recognition Award on Monday. Parr joins the ranks of others from Florida who have received this honor.

The purpose of the Civic Recognition Award is to inspire people to help others and improve their communities. Recipients come from all walks of life and all 50 states. Under certain circumstances, the award can be issued posthumously.

It is hoped the Civic Recognition Award will encourage people in Sarasota and across Florida to live their lives around ten values than enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Those ten values are compassion, courage, forgiveness, generosity, humility, inclusiveness, integrity, kindness, respect and service.

Parr is among a select number of individuals recognized in Sarasota. Many individuals never receive a civic award despite years of community involvement. While formal recognition should never be one’s motive for acts of kindness, receiving an award is an affirmation of the positive impact one’s actions can have.

It should be a proud moment for Parr’s family and friends, and an opportunity to share inspiring stories. If fact, by discussing the award, the inspiration provided by Parr’s good deeds is multiplied. Discussion of the award can also help spread the word about the ten values embodied by the award. It is a fact that many individuals feel motivated to do more after hearing about the good deeds of others. Award recipients themselves can feel encouraged or inspired by the recognition to help more.

The positive impact of Civic Recognition Award winners like Parr on their community cannot be measured. These winners were often the first to help people in need and the first to welcome a new neighbor. The existence of community non-profit organizations of all kinds is a lasting testimony to the good works of involved individuals who, like Parr, stepped forward to make a difference.

The lives of Civic Recognition Award winners like Parr are also often examples to children. Children look up to role models to help shape how they behave in school, relationships or when facing challenging situations. When children emulate positive role models, they respond to situations in healthy ways that can contribute to individual and community well being. Positive role models are essential to every child’s well being.

The Civic Recognition Award is one of the highest recognitions possible for individuals. Residents of Sarasota and all of Florida can feel proud that one of the own, Larry Parr, has been recognized with this high distinction.



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