Congratulations to Eaton Literary Agency

Congratulations to Eaton Literary Agency, a five-star-rated Literary Agency now in their 34th year of being in business.



“I wanted to take some time out of my busy schedule between book tours to thank you again for all your hard work in placing my three books and many articles.  I can’t believe the success that has come to me because of your efforts, and I know it would never have happened if I hadn’t found you.  Thank you for your guidance and for beginning my career.”  J. Frank Brumbaugh, MARINE WEATHER FORECASTING, BASIC BOAT MAINTENANCE, MAIL ORDER – STARTING UP, MAKING IT PAY, plus 14 articles.




“Let me thank the Eaton Literary Agency for choosing my novel as the winner of your Annual Awards Program.  The money is wonderful and could not have come at a better time.  Most of all I appreciate the recognition this prestigious award brings to nine years of my work.”  John Tarlton, A WINDOW FACING WEST.




“We’re so impressed with all the help we have gotten from you – first your prestigious award, then with the publication of our nonfiction book.   This award and publication is so appreciated, and it comes at a time when being published is more and more difficult without the right representation.”  Jennifer Levasseur, Kevin Rabalais, NOVEL VOICES and THE LANDSCAPE OF DESIRE.



“I always had the dream of becoming a published author but knew it was an impossible dream, since I have dyslexia.  You made the impossible possible through your guidance and tireless efforts in my behalf.  Thank you so much for the publication of my three stories, all within a few months!”  R. J. Bernotus



I can’t thank the Eaton Agency enough for the tireless effort they put into finding the right home for my book.  J.S.



“I would like to say that from both my correspondence with you and the conversations that my financial counselor and I have had with your agency, that we are both impressed with your professionalism.  You seem to be right on top of things, and my books are in the best of hands.


”There are so many things I could say, but all I will say is thanks so very much for caring.  (Another literary agency) never cared this much, nor did (a manuscript service) who handled my first novel without success.”

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