Congratulations to Victoria Adder

That powerhouse literary agency, Eaton Literary Agency, announced today the upcoming publication of their client’s new book, BORN TO DIE by Victoria Adder.

What is the Big Deal about a new regional airport near Atlanta?
The Big Deal is potential Big Bucks for the land-poor, dysfunctional rural Breedlove clan, whose sexpot daughter, Diana, successfully seduces Daryl Mitchell, the engineer in charge of the project.
Two members of the Breelove family die unexpectedly.  Only Eulalie Foster, the family’s elderly black housekeeper, who knows most of their business and all of their secrets, suspects murder.
Eulalie and the local sheriff, “Shooter” Fisher, form a partnership in investigating several sensational and related murders, but will they be able to break through the mystery enshrouding the puzzling murders?
Victoria Adder (s pseudonym) is an elderly retired physician and former NASA scientist who lives in Sarasota, Florida, with two unnamed cats and a pot-bellied pig named Bill.

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