Eaton Literary Agency Book Award Winner Now Available For Purchase.

Shadow of Evil Paperback

by Rhonda Kazmierski (Author)


Senator Jack McKenzie had two beautiful daughters. Bella Eileen was married to David Matthew Wright, their favored son-in-law.Charity Faith had chosen, Abdul Fattah, who was a Muslim and questions remained as to who he was and where his allegiance really lay.

This Senator’s family, and other important guests, including the President of the United States, were gathering at the Wright estate for their annual Christmas festivities. David learned Abdel Fattah was plotting, with a deadly terrorist, Abdelmalik Khan, to sabotage the celebration with an attack on the family, leading to the assassination of President Toley.

Would this Christmas be their last? Or would they even live to see Christmas? It all depended on David, who stood to lose everybody he held dear to his heart. He vowed to use every weapon at his disposal, and would call on all of the training the United States government had provided him. Nobody threatened his family, or his president, and that included Abdulmalik Khan.

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SHADOW OF EVIL is dedicated to my editor and agent, Richard Lawrence, who was not shy in critiquing my work and took a rough manuscript and turned it into a polished work I could be proud of. Richard not only edited my manuscript, but after it was completed, he made certain it was presented to the right publisher. Without Richard, this book would never have come to fruition.

Rhonda Kazmierski, Author.

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