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Commonwealth Publishing presents Shadow of Evil by Rhonda W. Kazmierski, winner of Eaton Literary Agency’s Best-Book Award.


Coral Springs, FL October 1, 2019 –Commonwealth Publishing is proud to present the novel, SHADOW OF EVIL: A fictionalized story of political terrorism, by North Georgia author Rhonda W Kazmierski.


Senator Jack McKenzie had two beautiful daughters. Bella Aileen was married to David Matthew Wright, their favored son-in-law. Charity Faith had chosen Abdul Fattah, a Muslim, and questions remained as to where his allegiance really lay.

The Senator’s family, and other important guests, including the President, were gathering at the Wright estate for their annual Christmas festivities. David learned Abdel Fattha was plotting with a deadly terrorist, Abdulmalik Khan, to sabotage the celebration with an attack on their family.

Would this Christmas be their last? Or would they even live to see Christmas? It all depended on David. He vowed to use every weapon at his disposal, and all the training the United States Government had provided him. Nobody threatened his family, or his President and that included Abdulmalik Khan.


Rhonda Kazmierski lives in North Georgia, in the foothills of the rugged mountainous backcountry of the Cohutta Wilderness in the western Blue Ridge Mountains. She is a Christian, with a very strong faith in God, love for family and loyalty to country, which is often reflected in her writing.


“It has been an extreme pleasure to work with this talented and dedicated debut author,” said Public Relations Director Joseph Brient.


SHADOW OF EVIL is the 1st. edition of the trade paperback.

Rhonda Kazmierski offers the following comment:

*     Shadow Of Evil focuses on two opposing ideologies, Christianity and Islam. It also explores the mindset of a terrorist intent on destruction and those who seek to prevent it.

The trade paperback125 page SHADOW OF EVIL is available for (15.99 postpaid, ISBN: 978-1-892986-13-9), from Commonwealth Publishing, P.O. Box 770354 Coral Springs, FL 33077; (954-708-5264);


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