EATON LITERARY AGENCY Finishes The Year As Top Literary Agency

Eaton Literary Agency had a record-breaking year in 2019, with dozens of placements of short stories and book-length works, and many of their clients’ works going into production.  Here is what one grateful author says:

“SHADOW OF EVIL is dedicated to my editor and agent, Richard Lawrence, who was not shy in critiquing my work and took a rough manuscript and turned it into a polished work I could be proud of. Richard not only edited my manuscript, but after it was completed, he made certain it was presented to the right publisher. Without Richard, this book would never have come to fruition.”  Rhonda Kazmierski.

Eaton Literary Agency sponsors their Annual Awards Program, which grants $3,000.00 per year to authors — $2,500 to the author of the best book-length work and $500 to the author for the best work under $500.00.  The next deadline for this award is March 31, 2020, so get your manuscripts to this powerhouse literary agency.

For more information, go to or request their free brochure at or 941-366-6589.

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