EATON LITERARY AGENCY announces the publication of SNAPCHAT by Dr. John Monaco

Eaton Literary Agency is proud to announce the publication of SNAPCHAT by John E. Monaco, MD. This very entertaining novel is available on Sixteen-year-old Ana’s abusive psychopath divorced father manipulates the legal system to gain custody of her and her bother and block all contact with her loving mother. Ana secretly utilizes social media as her only contact with the outside world, her mother and the one person who seems to “get” her, her mother’s boyfriend Jack, who finds himself caught up in a psychodrama intertwining Ana’s contract killer father, her mother whom Jack loves, the broken family law system and his own checkered past. In the chilling climax of this powerful modern-day fable of love and salvation, Ana, forced to take matters into her own hands, orchestrates a desperate scheme to save herself, her bother and retain hope for some semblance of family. About the Author John E. Monaco MD, after graduating from University of Buffalo Medical School and completing General Pediatric and Critical Care training at the University of Florida, practiced hospital and critical care Pediatrics for 30 years before retiring to concentrate on writing, teaching, wellness and preventative medicine. He has been writing and publishing books for over 20 years, concentrating on self help, preventative care and weight management. His first novel, SNAPCHAT, will be released later in 2020. He and his family live in Tampa, where he and his physician wife manage two websites: and They also broadcast The Drs. John and Lisa Show on Facebook, Youtube, podcasts and radio. EATON LITERARY AGENCY Has been in business nearly 40 years, and they have placed thousands of manuscripts for their clients. They offer the $3,000.00 Annual Awards Program, which awards $500.00 each year for the best manuscript they receive under 10,000 words, fiction or nonfiction, and $2,500.00 each year for the best fiction or nonfiction manuscript over 10,000 words. See their website at, or email or call for a brochure: or 941-366-6589. .

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