Eaton Literary Agency announces the publication of the novel, WAKE, by John Hubbard

That powerhouse literary agency, Eaton Literary Agency, announces the publication of the novel WAKE by their client, John Hubbard.

Psychopharmacologist Dr. Dao Lin stole a research drug named The Wake Formula from brilliant nueropsychiatrist Dr. Frederick Burus and left him for dead. Dr. Lin used the Wake Formula to accelerate the careers of an elite group of clients he calls the Society of Wake. From those clients, he gains enormous wealth and power, with the aim of being the supreme leader of a global empire. Agent Warren, Miles, and a few others risk everything in a dangerous attempt to topple Dr. Lin’s ruthless quest for world domination and save the lives of those who have become captive to the Wake Formula.


“The premise of the exciting new novel, WAKE, by John Hubbard, is based on the addiction of an elite group of people, who, thanks to a new drug, no longer need sleep, so they are able to accomplish an astonishing amount of work. Unfortunately, this elitism leads to one dangerous man, who controls the drug, seeking world dominance. Trying to stop the man and his dangerous drug, before it is too late, is the exciting premise of this wonderful novel. I highly recommend it for its author’s rich imagination and ability to draw the reader in until the very exciting climax. Five stars!” Larry Parr

For more information about Eaton Literary Agency and their Annual Awards Program for authors, visit their website at, email them for more information,, or call for a free brochure:  941-366-6589.

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