Eaton Literary Agency announces the publication of TWO IF BY SEA by Rick McCann

TWO IF BY SEA by Richard McCann is an exciting maritime thriller. Drug cartels devised a way to affix nearly undetectable containers to ships’ hulls. International terrorists thwarted their plans and began using the containers to smuggle nuclear waste, to use in constructing dirty bombs. A hurricane, international terrorism, and a budding relationship all complicate the life of the Captain of the Palm Princess.

“I highly recommend TWO IF BY SEA by Richard McCann. Beginning with a young woman pursuing her life’s dream, and achieving it, the plot grows, encompassing a hurricane, drug smugglers, and international terrorism. This edge-of-your-seat plot will keep you guessing throughout to the thrilling conclusion. Be sure to read this exciting adventure!” Larry Parr

For more information about Eaton Literary Agency and their Annual Awards Program for authors, visit their website at, email them for more information,, or call for a free brochure:  941-366-6589.

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