Congratulations To Eaton Literary Agency’s Client, Rufus J. Brooks, Jr.

Congratulations to Eaton Literary Agency’s client, Rufus J. Brooks Jr., on the publication of his fine novel, EVERY TIME THE PHONE RINGS.

Seven young women from well-to-do families became friends during their days at their private school. During a freak electrical storm, the school caught fire and burned to the ground. The young women returned to their families. Years later, one after another apparently committed suicide, yet something didn’t seem right. Only one of the seven remains alive. Special Agent Dormie Shackleford, traveling from one state to another, is determined not only to keep her alive but to solve the mysterious “suicides” and stop whoever is behind it all. Can he solve the mystery? Will he be able to keep the last woman alive and protect her from whoever is behind the ringing phones. . . ?

Published by Commonwealth Books.

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